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Don't Give It Up

Up Soulman Better Than This I Don't Mind That Call Me Daddy What If? If There's Any Justice Don't Give It Up Time to Grow Time to Grow featuring Justine Complicated Cupid Maybe Just Maybe Feels Right All I Ever Do PtII I Believe In A Thing Called Love

Fame Academy
Time to Grow
The Truth About Love

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Released: 2005

Highest UK Chart position: 21

"'Don't Give It Up' is a song about a young person being forced into having sex a bit too early a... It's not preachy, it's just a message that says just chill out and don't feel bullied into doing anything you don't want to do. Just be yourself."

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The Story Behind the Track: (Urban Essentials Interview) 

"I went to visit my Dad in Tottenham and I was leaving the house, and the house is quite near a local school. I was driving past the school and there was a girl outside, and she stopped me and recognised me and called out my name. And I decided to stop and sign some stuff for her, say hello. And she said to me, erm, no, no, I said to her, because I realised that school was on, so I said to her "How come you're not in school today?" And she said "I'm bunking today, I don't want to go to my appointment, I can't be bothered." So I was like, "Oh, OK".

"I went home, and I kind-of elaborated on the story, you know, cos I just thought to myself, you know, growing up, everyone's done it, growing up, you just can't wait to be older. You can't wait to drive a car, you can't wait to have a house, you can't wait to do, you know, everything that an adult does, you know? And you sometimes forget just to enjoy the moment, enjoy being young. So I thought... obviously in the song I'm talking about sex and I'm talking about peer pressure, but it also kind-of extends to other things, like I said, and just wanting to move on instead of just enjoy it and be a child. So, the song is just a song to say if you feel ready to go and have sex and do all that, do all that. If you don't, it's also cool to wait, don't just do things just because other people are doing it. I think that's quite a good message

"... I'm gonna stop talking about it now. The girl's gonna come up, and say "Excuse me, I'm that girl, and I want 50 percent, 50 percent!"

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