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Up Soulman Better Than This I Don't Mind That Call Me Daddy What If? If There's Any Justice Don't Give It Up Time to Grow Time to Grow featuring Justine Complicated Cupid Maybe Just Maybe Feels Right All I Ever Do PtII I Believe In A Thing Called Love

Fame Academy
Time to Grow
The Truth About Love

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"I think that's the essence of who I am..."


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Give me some Marvin!  Marvin Gaye 
Let's Get It On
Give me some Luther! Martin Luther
Daily Bread
Give me some Stevie!    Stevie Wonder 
For Your Love
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With a little Smokie!   Smokie Norful 
Can't Nobody
Hit me with Teddy!        Teddy Pendergrass Give me some Otis!            Otis Redding
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Show me some Gladys! Gladys Knight 
Next Time
Where's my Aretha?    Aretha Franklin  
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