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Fame Academy
Time to Grow
The Truth About Love

Whats your guilty pleasure?
It has to be Eastenders. I've always got that sky+ed

What film makes you cry without fail?
I don't cry but when I saw Titanic I was close. There was a chin quiver- a distinct left-right movement. Last time I cried was at primary school watching ET. The girl next to me was bawling, so I started too.

Would you commit a crime for a good cause?
I'd do an awful lot for a good cause.

If you could only wear pants or socks for the rest of your life,what's it to be?
Socks, no question.

What are the best and worst items in your wardrobe right now?
I've just got a new blue mohair suit, I'm loving that! I hoard old clothes so I do have some shockers.

What's the best present you've ever given?
I got my mum a necklace and scarf once and she cried! There may have been another distinct left-right movement on my chin then too.

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