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Fame Academy

Fame Academy
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Another Day
Sweet Love
No Pressure
Body Talk
What About Love?
Good Woman
Let's Stay Together
Hot Summer
Alright with Our Love
All I Ever Do
Time to Grow:
It Don't Get Better Than This
I Don't Mind That
What If?
Call Me Daddy
If There's Any Justice
Don't Give it Up
Time to Grow
Complicated Cupid
Maybe Just Maybe
Feels Right
All I Ever Do (pt2)
I Believe In A Thing Called Love
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Lemar makes third:

Lemar made it to the final show on 13th December.

He sang the Al Green song Let's Stay Together. Carrie said: "There is no-one in the academy who interprets a song like Lemar." Richard said that Lemar was the best person to step up to the plate singing British soul in the last twenty years.

Later in the show he sang Lullaby, a song he co-wrote with Ainslie, which is on the Fame Academy album. 

Kevin said: "Lemar loves a live audience. I hope it worked down the lens." 

Pam said: "If it's released as a single, I think it's really strong. With his voice he could sell anything."

On the night before the final show the remaining contestants gave speeches. Lemar said he'd "learnt a lot about himself" and his highlight was singing with Lionel Ritchie.

BBC London Interview - Sony Music record deal & fame academy memories


Fame Academy Tour  - Pics:


What do you think of celebrity fame academy?

"I went down yesterday and was in the audience, it was really good. I think it is really really great. Ruby Wax is making me laugh so much, she is  so funny, she sort-of liek embodies what Comic Relief is about. She may not be the greatest singer, but she is enter5tainemnt, she is really really great.

Kwame is amazing, he's got a great voice and if it was a situation like normal, like what we were doing, trying to get a record deal and trying to put out a song and album, then Kwame, go for Kwame 100%. But because of the Comic Relief thing Ruby's playing a good part."



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