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You've got some amazing collaborations on this album,including a certain Joss Stone...

She's cool.
We wrote the song together along with two other guys. We got along really well and we became good friends.

Just "good friends"?
We saw pics of you on holiday together...

No, we're cool! They say "on holiday" but I went to LA to write some more songs and we had a few days off, innit? We just got on a boat and chilled out for a bit.

Does it bother you that the papers have made out that you're an item?

We just laugh about.
We'll decide. If we do we do, if we don't we don't.

Are you still with your girlfriend, Charmaine?

Yeah. She knew how it was.

You've been together for about 10years now.
Are you going to pop the question soon?

Right now I'm just working so hard it's a big adjustment.
My life is so different from how it was before.

Do you still get nervous when you've got a new album coming out?

I played my album to a few people
recently and I was so confident right up until the point where I pressed play. Then I was suddenly so nervous.

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