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Another Day 

(Fitzgerald Scott, William Whedbee, Skyler Sinclair) 

Is it really over?
Between us two,
Then why don't you love me?
The way that I still love you,
So many mistakes made,
In so little time,
Girl I'm so regretful,
I must have been out of my mind.

I don't wanna live another day
Without you by my side.
I don't wanna run anymore
Running out of places to hide.
Ever since you went away
Slowly I've seen
That I shoulda got
Down on my knees
And begged you to stay with me

And what I'm feeling for you,
Never could I try to hide.
The fact that I adore you,
Always seems to come outside.
You were my heartbeat,
The reason I breathe.
Please baby forgive me,
While I'm down on my knees

Chorus x3

I shoulda got down on my knees
And begged you to stay with me

I don't wanna see
I don't wanna throw
I can't see the night
You're my heart and soul

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