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Up Dedicated Dance With U Fresh 50/50 Another Day Sweet Love No Pressure Body Talk What About Love? Good Woman Let's Stay Together Hot Summer Alright With Our Love Lullaby All I Ever Do

Fame Academy
Time to Grow
The Truth About Love

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Released:17th November 2003

Highest UK Chart position: 5

"Even now when people talk to me it's usually '50/50' that's the point of reference. I think it's imperative that I keep my R&B audience involved in my work because that's the core of who I am." 


Fatman Scoop: "I love Lemar's record '50:50'. Right now that's my favourite record in general. I'm gonna try and help him break that record. I've never met the guy, but I'm gonna try to break that record out there. I like it so much and I don't turn up many hip-hop or RnB records in my car!" 


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