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Do they know itís Christmas? A group of celebrity singers has recorded a new version of a hit that reached number one in the charts 20 years ago.When it was first released, ĎDo they know itís Christmasí raised millions of pounds for people in Ethiopia who were dying of hunger. This year, money raised will go to help people in the Darfur region of Sudan.

Exclusive interview with Lemar

What was doing Band Aid like?

I was shy going down there with all these massive stars in the same room!

Who did you meet who impressed you?

Fran from Travis was really cool, and Joss Stone was really nice as well. Beverley Knight told me about her trip to Brazil with Christian Aid, and how rich people there have everything they need, but poor people there have almost nothing.

What are your hopes for the single?

I hope theyíll achieve their goals of raising more money and helping people who are less fortunate than us.

How much did you know about poor countries before Band Aid?

I didnít realise how many people in the world are very poor. Itís awful. And itís not right that anyone in todayís world should die of hunger. There should be enough food to go around for everybody.


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